The short-lived television series starring Michael Biehn, Dale Midkiff, Eric Close, Anthony Starke, Andrew Kavovit, Ron Perleman, and Rick Worthy.

aintover.wav Wicks: This ain’t over.

badboym7.wav Chris: I’ve been a bad boy.

camealong.wavBuck: Good thing I came along. Chris: Good thing you did.

choosefights.wavChris: I have to choose my fights carefully these days.

cowboy.wavChris: did he just call me a cowboy, JD? JD: I think he did.

cowboy2.wavChris: d’you just call me a cowboy?

gobackm7.wavChris: Take my advice, go back where you came from.

letsdom7.wavChris: Let’s do this.

likesmem7.wavEzra: But he likes me.

m7ezracolonel .wav Ezra: Never thought I’d wear the Union blue, but I always did fancy being a colonel.

m7frog,locust.wav Ezra: Well, then I fully expect that we will be inundated by frogs, locusts, and other unspeakable pestilence in a matter of moments.

m7greatwarrior.wav Ezra: You shall grow to be a great warrior. Big, strong and fearless.

m7hotbath.wav Chris: Gochaves’ gang. Ezra: Don’t imagine there here to take a hot bath, either.

m7motherbad.wav Ezra: And I thought my mother was bad.

m7no.wav Ezra: No. I said no, is that clear?… the answer is no.

m7nothingtochance.wav Ezra: Well, sir, I abhor gambling, and as such, leave nothing to chance.

m7onyourhorses.wav Ezra: Well, on your horses boys… That’s good. Nathan: Go easy on that stuff.

mstkpoint.wav – You’re makin’ a big mistake pointin’ that thing at me.

myob.wavWicks: I’d advise you to mind your own business, friend.

nofightyet.wav – I was just sayin’… that it ain’t your fight. Chris: Not yet.

Obsessions-Courage.wav Ezra: Courage, Ezra… courage.

outamindm7.wavBuck: Are you outa your mind?

persmatter.wav – This a personal matter? Chris: Not yet.

regretm7.wavChris: I have a feeling I’m gonna regret this.

rememberedm7.wavChris: It’s nice to be remembered.

righteousfight.wavJosiah: Sounds like a righteous fight.

saloonclosed.wavJudge Travis: The saloon is closed, gentlemen. Bad guy: Too bad, I could really use a drink.

Serpents-Other-peoples-money.wav Ezra: In the future, I believe it would be best just not to… uh… burden me with other people’s money.

suggesting.wavMary: I’m not telling you what to do. Chris: You suggested awful strong.

voteconfid.wavEzra: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

whereamim7.wavJudge: Where am I?