The Star Trek computer voice

10sec.wav Final warning: primary power offline in 10 seconds.

accdefia.wav Please identify for access to USS Defiant

acknow.wav Acknowledged

affiimat.wav Affirmative

allnesc.wav All necessary modifications have been completed.

alpha1.wav Zimmerman program Alpha-1 is now complete

alphaone.wav Priority clearance recognition Alpha-1

audesarm.wav Auto destruct sequence armed

authoriz.wav Authorization akcnowledged

autoshut.wav Auto shutdown sequence in progress. Defensive systems offline.

autshut.wav Auto shutdown sequence in progress.

baddisk.wav Emergency Alert

c123.wav Warning

c134.wav Standby

c23_work.wav Working

c301.wav Automatic defense procedures initiated.

c302.wav Direction unclear. Please repeat request.

c327.wav There are no records matching that name.

cali.wav Calibration is locked and normal. Diagnostic underway.

code.wav Enter authorization code.

collapse.wav Warning. Containment field has collapsed.

commcode.wav Please input command codes.

commoff.wav Communications offline.

compinp.wav Do you wish to input any commands?

compship.wav Warning: Disabling lateral EPS relays may disrupt computer functions throughout the ship.

correct.wav That is correct.

danger_trek.wav Danger: Approaching safety limits of engine containment field.

DATAXFER.WAV Transfer of data is complete.

diagcom.wav Diagnostic complete. Sensors are functioning normally.

dirunc.wav Direction unclear: Please repeat request.

evacuate.wav Evacuate bridge. Deck 1 life support failure in 30 seconds.

HOLODECK.WAV Program complete. Enter when ready.

incomingsig.wav Incoming subspace signal.

insdata.wav Insufficient data.

install.wav Please specify parameters.

intdam.wav Unable to comply. Internal scanner relays have been damaged.

intlkest.wav Interlock established.

logcompl.wav Logon complete.

logsacc.wav Logs accessed.

No_comply.wav Unable to comply.

notexist.wav Specified program does not exist.

overload.wav Warning: Input overload.

pilot.wav The automatic pilot system is not functional.

plsrecom.wav Please restate command.

power.wav Emergency power engaged.

progcomp.wav Program complete.

restate.wav Please restate a single question.

selfdestinitiated.wav Warning: Self destruct sequence has been initiated. Warp core overload in 4 minutes, 55 seconds. There will be no further audio warnings.

shut30sc.wav Primary power offline in 30 seconds.

shutmin.wav Auto shutdown in progress. Primary power offline in 1 minute.

stabilityloss.wav Stability loss was due to an impact by a subspace interphase pocket

standby.wav Computer standing by

st-neg.wav Negative

st-temp.wav No temporal anomalies have been reported

trancomp.wav Transfer complete

trandata.wav Transfer of data is complete

unabcomp.wav Unable to comply

working_trek.wav Working. Affirmative.