danger_ls.wav Robot: Danger! Danger!

deadlydngr.wav Robot: You might be placing us all in deadly danger.

deprsinfo.wav Robot: Forgive me for revealing such depressing information.

desolate.wav Smith: What a dismal and desolate place. There’s no sign of habitation anywhere.

findaliens.wav West: Come on, let’s find those aliens who don’t like us.

ihear.wav Alien: I hear and obey.

incomp.wav Smith: Careful, you incompetent imbecile.

knowprob.wav Alien: I know all about your problem.

lis018.wav Robot: Watch it, Will Robinson.

notcmpte.wav Robot: does not compute.

notconcern_ls.wav Robot: These things do not concern you.

nothngcn.wav Alien: Nothing can stop me.

notinvolve.wav Smith: I’m quite sure we can handle this situation without involving the others.

notnectrue.wav Robot: That is not necessarily a true statement.

sensrpleasd.wav Robot: My sensors are also highly pleased.

somuch2stand.wav Smith: There’s just so much a man can stand.

somwayout.wav Dad: There must be some way out of this.

thisisfun_ls.wav Robot: This is FUN.

wgchase.wav Smith: This whole thing is an incredible wild goose chase.