The last major Colonial fighter carrier leads a makeshift fleet of human refugees on a desperate search for the legendary planet Earth.

battle02.wav Cylon: “Extermination.”

battle03.wav Cylon: “By your command.”

battle06.wav Cylon: “Atlantia death squadron, attack.”

battle07.wav Cylon: “Attention”

battle08.wav Cylon: “Fire aft mega-lasers”

battle09.wav Cylon: “It is done, imperious leader.”

battle10.wav Cylon: Leave no survivors.

battle11.wav Cylon: Presenting his eminence, our Imperious Leader.

battle12.wav Cylon: See that the humans remain entertained until the end.

battle13.wav Lucifer: By your command.

battle14.wav Ending speech by Lorne Green.

battle17.wav Cylon: I’m sorry if you are displeased. There wasn’t much of a selection.

battle18.wav Cylon: Did you hear a sound?

battle19.wav Cylon: Wait… Why did you put me back together?

byc.wav Cylon: “By your command.”

extermin.wav Cylon: “Extermination.”

gcylon.wav Cylon: Scan for identification.

info.wav Cylon: The information is not complete.

itisdone.wav Cylon: “It is done, imperious leader.”

notcmplt.wav Cylon: The information is not complete