The Robinson family was going into space to fight for a chance for humanity. Now they are fighting to live long enough to find a way home.

Prof. John Robinson: William Hurt, Dr. Maureen Robinson: Mimi Rogers, Dr. Judy Robinson: Heather Graham, Penny Robinson: Lacey Chabert, Will Robinson: Jack Johnson, Dr. Smith: Gary Oldman, Maj. Don West: Matt LeBlanc, Older Will Robinson: Jared Jarris, Robot: Dick Tufeld, General: Mark Goddard, Reporter #1: Marta Kristen, Principal Cartwright: June Lockhart, Reporter #2: Angela Cartwright

affirmative_lis.wav Robot: Affirmative

affirmative2_lis.wav Robot: Affirmative

afraid_lis.wav John: I was afraid of this.

alert_lis.wav Computer: Alert

anomaly_lis.wav Computer: Alert. Spatial anomaly in progress.

anywherebuthere_lis.wav John: If we engage the hyperdrive without a gate, we could be thrown anywhere in the galaxy. Don: Anywhere but here.

aperture_lis.wav Computer: Portal aperture reduction: 50%

atmosphere_lis.wav Maureen: The atmosphere here can sustain human life.

backinks_lis.wav Smith: Oh, Dorothy, back in Kansas at last.

badsound_lis.wav Judy: I don’t like the sound of that sound.

badstation_lis.wav Controller: Major West, you are not authorized to… Don: I never liked that station anyway.

baseball_lis.wav Robot: Ah-ha. That explains this warm, fuzzy feeling when I think about baseball.

birdhot_lis.wav Don: Houston, the bird is hot.

bug2bug_lis.wav Don: The crowd goes wild. Smith: Recall your childhood nightmares, Major West. Monsters are rarely so easily dissuaded. Don: Why don’t you go out and talk to them, Smith… bug to bug.

buysbeer_lis.wav Don: Okay. Last one to kill a bad guy buys the beer.

bypassdamage_lis.wav Don: I’ve bypassed most of the damaged systems. I’m going to have to repair the rest manually.

canofraid_lis.wav Don: A million bucks worth of weaponry, and I’d trade it all back for a lousy can of Raid.

civilized_lis.wav Maureen: And how can we bring civilization to the stars if we can’t remain civilized?

cmdaccepted_lis.wav Robot: Command accepted.

coldwar_lis.wav Jed: This cold war just got hot.

cool_lis.wav Will: Cool

cool2_lis.wav Will: Cool

coremat_lis.wav Computer: Core material insertion complete.

corruptdata_lis.wav John: That’s it. The rest of the data is totally corrupted.

dangerdanger_lis.wav Robot: Danger, Will Robinson. Danger, Will Robinson. Danger!

dangersahead_lis.wav Smith: Who knows what dangers lie ahead?

dangerwr_lis.wav Robot: Danger, Will Robinson. Danger.

destroyj2_lis.wav Robot: Destroy all operating systems. Destroy Jupiter 2.

detfail_lis.wav Computer: Alert. Detonation failure.

dockseq_lis.wav Computer: Control codes confirmed. Initiating docking sequence.

doomed_lis.wav Smith: We’re doomed! We’re doomed!

dotheyhaveaname_lis.wav Will: Do they have a name for what’s wrong with you?

dreamgirls_lis.wav Don: If this is all a dream, why can’t there be more girls?

eatwounded_lis.wav Will: Eww. They eat their wounded.

eggheadrest_lis.wav Don: Why don’t you give the old egghead a rest, huh?

emotionremoved_lis.wav Robot: My programming has been modified to remove all emotion. Any attempts to override command protocols may result in fusing my neural net.

evilknowsevil_lis.wav Smith: Evil knows evil.

excuseplease_lis.wav Don: Give me an excuse to kill you… please.

excusetokill_lis.wav Don: Give me an excuse to kill you.

fitin_lis.wav Don: I’ve never been the fit-in and play nice type.

flights-of-fancy_lis.wav Old Will: Look, father, what my flights of fancy have wrought.

flipswitch_lis.wav Don: And the monkey flips the switch.

foolish-heart_lis.wav Smith: Oh be still, my foolish heart.

friendship_lis.wav Robot: Logic error. Friendship does not compute.

fullextras_lis.wav Don: Looks like somebody sprung for the full extras package on this beauty.

funpicnic_lis.wav Don: Oh, this is a fun picnic. First yellow aliens, now giant spiders.

gentechsugly_lis.wav Don: Damn, you gentechs are ugly up close.

glee_lis.wav Smith: I can barely contain my glee.

goodmorning_lis.wav Computer: Good morning

greatpicnic_lis.wav Don: Oh, this is a fun picnic. First yellow aliens, now giant spiders.

haha_lis.wav Robot: (sarcastic) Oh, ha ha.

halt_lis.wav Robot: HALT!

hatespiders_lis.wav Don: I hate spiders.

helpyou_lis.wav Smith: You misjudge me. I… I only want to help you.

holoactivate_lis.wav Will: Activate holographic interface. Computer: Holographic interface online.

holo-off_lis.wav [alarm] Smith: Holograph off.

holo-online_lis.wav Computer: Holographic interface online.

hyperspace-exit_lis.wav [SFX] the Jupiter 2 exits hyperspace.

identify_lis.wav Penny: Identify yourself, soldier.

imalive_lis.wav Smith: I’m alive.

innerhull_lis.wav Computer: Inner hull breach in 15 seconds.

input_lis.wav John: I appreciate your input, but now is not the time for flights of fancy.

interrupting_lis.wav Maureen: Am I interrupting something?

itsworking_lis.wav Don: It’s working.

joystick_lis.wav Judy: Why don’t you just hang on to your joystick?

kidding_lis.wav Don: You guys have got to be kidding.

kiss4luck_lis.wav Don: I’m thinking this is your basic kiss for luck occasion.

light_lis.wav Don: Let there be light.

littlekiss_lis.wav Don: Alright, I’m going to give you a little kiss. Now, don’t take this the wrong way.

lotaspace_lis.wav John: There’s a lot of space out there to get lost in.

manhelm_lis.wav Computer: Manual helm engaged.

metparents_lis.wav Penny: Why aren’t you up on deck with mom and dad? Will: Have you met our parents?

missionsucks_lis.wav Penny: This mission sucks!

missionsussess_lis.wav Don: I like you. But, I’m going to do whatever it takes to ensure the success of this mission.

mistake_lis.wav Robot: That… was… a mistake.

monsters_lis.wav Smith: Let me tell you about life. Around every corner monsters wait. I know. I am one. And we monsters have no fear in devouring little boys.

motion_lis.wav [SFX] Will: I’m detecting motion.

nightmare_lis.wav Don: What kind of a nightmare is this?

nocall_lis.wav Smith: I thought I told you never to call me here.

noresphail_lis.wav Judy: No response to hails. Scanning all military and civilian frequencies.

notcompute_lis.wav Robot: This does not compute.

notexplorer_lis.wav Smith: I am a doctor, not a space explorer.

nothing-good_lis.wav Smith: Nothing good will come of this.

nothink_lis.wav Robot: Don’t even think about it.

notime4fun_lis.wav Don: Now, if there’s no time for fun, doc, then what are we saving the planet for?

notsodiff_lis.wav Judy: See. That wasn’t so difficult.

o2levels_lis.wav Judy: Oxygen levels are normal. Microbe scans are negative. Clear.

oblivion_lis.wav Smith: Farewell my platinum-plated pal… Give my regards to oblivion.

ohshit1_lis.wav Will: Oh shit.

ohshit2_lis.wav Smith: Oh shit.

ohshitfull_lis.wav Will: Oh shit. Smith: A boy of your intelligence should never swear… oh, shit.

onlinestby_lis.wav Robot: Online. Standing by.

outerhull_lis.wav Computer: Alert. Outer hull has been compromised.

pedalmetal_lis.wav Don: Okay, I putting the pedal to the metal. Here goes.

picnic_lis.wav Don: Eight years of flight training… 50 combat missions… just so I can take the family camper on an interstellar picnic.

portalcompress_lis.wav Computer: Field dampeners online. Portal compression commenced.

portalgen_lis.wav Computer: Commence portal generation.

pricetag_lis.wav John: What was the price tag that you put on our future?

primthrust_lis.wav Don: Engaging primary thrusters… now.

problem_lis.wav Robot: My sensors indicate we have a problem.

proceed_lis.wav Penny: Proceed.

proceed-destroyed_lis.wav Robot: Proceed or be destroyed.

proximity_lis.wav Computer: Warning. Proximity alert.

pullup_lis.wav John: Pull up! Don: Really!? No kidding, thanks.

ready2fly_lis.wav Don: Gate control, this is Eagle one, I’m locked and loaded and ready to fly.

robotonline_lis.wav Robot: Robot is online. Reviewing primary directives.

rocknroll_lis.wav Don: Rock and roll.

romantic_lis.wav Judy: I guess you think that’s romantic.

sarcasm_lis.wav Smith: Sarcasm is the recourse of a weak mind.

saveplanet_lis.wav John: Finally, the warring nations of earth had forgotten their differences and banded together to save our planet.

scientific_lis.wav Don: Oh yeah, that was scientific.

scrambled_lis.wav Old Will: Huh. The shock must have scrambled your brain.

searching_lis.wav Computer: Searching for recognizable constellations.

sensorghosts_lis.wav Maureen: I’m getting inconsistent life signs. But, they may be sensor ghosts.

settled_lis.wav John: Okay, everybody, let’s get settled now.

showtime_lis.wav Don: Showtime.

shutup_lis.wav Don: You really need to shut up.

smithishere_lis.wav Smith: Never fear. Smith is here.

solarcharge_lis.wav Computer: Solar panels are charged.

standclear_lis.wav Robot: Stand clear!

stronghold_lis.wav Don: Never leave an enemy stronghold intact.

syserror_lis.wav Robot: Systems error. Robot unable to locate motor controls.

targetlocked_lis.wav Computer: Target locked.

testosterone_lis.wav Maureen: Now if you’re finished hosing down the decks with testosterone, I suggest you come with me. I may have found a way to get us off this planet.

thepain_lis.wav Smith: The pain. The pain.

tuckedin_lis.wav Don: Mission control, this is Jupiter 1, the Robinson’s are all tucked in. We are ready to fly.

upisgo_lis.wav Don: Mission control, this is Jupiter 1, the Robinson’s are all tucked in. We are ready to fly. Control: Major West, your escape vector is clear of all traffic. Up is go on your command. Don: Roger, Houston. And the monkey flips the switch.

vac-check_lis.wav Computer: Vacuum check complete.

voiceprint_lis.wav Computer: Voice print confirmed.

wayoff_lis.wav John: We’re way off course.

waythrough_lis.wav John: There’s got to be a way to get through this.

weirdship_lis.wav Penny: Weird. What kind of ship is that?

werelost_lis.wav Penny: We’re lost. Aren’t we?

whatcando_lis.wav Don: Let’s see what this baby can do.

wherelead_lis.wav Maureen: Where does it lead?