A cowboy toy is profoundly threatened and jealous when a fancy spaceman toy supplants him as top toy in a boy’s room.

Woody: Tom Hanks, Buzz Lightyear: Tim Allen, Mr. Potato Head: Don Rickles, Slinky Dog: Jim Varney, Rex: Wallace Shawn, Hamm: John Ratzenberger, Bo Peep: Annie Potts, Andy: John Morris, Sid: Erik von Detten, Mom: Laurie Metcalf, Sarge: R. Lee Ermey

ADJOURN.WAV Woody: Uhhhh, meeting adjourned.

ANDYSRM.WAV Woody: Howdy, my name is Woody and this is Andy’s room.

BETRIDEA.WAV Potato: Wait wait wait, I’ve got a better idea. How about… Woody: Don’t!

BETRPLCE.WAV Alien: Farewell my friends, I go on to a better place.

BRKRULES.WAV Woody: We’re going to have to break a few rules but, if it works, it’ll help everybody.

BUZ2SC.WAV Buzz: Buzz Lightyear to Star Command. Come in, Star Command.

BUZMAYDY.WAV Buzz: Mayday! Mayday! Come in, Star Command. Send reinforcements. Star Command, do you copy?

CAREFUL.WAV Buzz: Be careful with that. It’s extremely dangerous.

COASTCLR.WAV Woody: Okay, everybody, coast is clear.

COMEINSC.WAV Buzz: Buzz Lightyear to Star Command. Come in, Star Command… Star command, come in. Doe you read me?… why don’t they answer?

DIDIFRTN.WAV Woody: Did I frighten you? Didn’t mean to… sorry.

DISGSTNG.WAV Hamm: Oh, that is disgusting.

DOLLSGO.WAV Potato Head: Man, the dolls must really go for you.

DOODLPAD.WAV Woody: Hey, who moved my doodle pad way over here?

EYEBALLS.WAV Buzz: My eyeballs could have been sucked from their sockets.

FASTNOBS.WAV Woody: Fastest knobs in the west

FEARSOME.WAV Rex: I’m going for fearsome here but I just don’t feel it.  I think I’m just coming off as annoying.

FINALLY.WAV Woody: OH… finally.

GADGETS.WAV Bo: He’s got more gadgets on him than a Swiss army knife.

GOAWAY.WAV Buzz: Go away.

GONE.WAV Buzz: GONE!! It’s all gone. All of it’s gone… bye bye, woo hoo, see ya’

HMPTYPSH.WAV Potato Head: I mean Humpty Dumpty was pushed.

HOCKPUCK.WAV Potato Head: What are you looking at, you hockey puck?

HONOR.WAV Sarge: Where is your honor, dirtbag? You’re an absolute disgrace.

ICMINPC.WAV Buzz: I am Buzz Lightyear. I come in peace.

IMBUZZ.WAV Buzz: I’m Buzz Lightyear, space ranger, universe protection unit. My ship has landed here by mistake.

INFNITY1.WAV Buzz: To infinity, and beyond!

JSTSHTUP.WAV Woody: Just shutup, you idiot.

LASER.WAV Buzz: Please be careful. You don’t want to be in the way when my laser goes off.

LOONEY.WAV Woody: Oh yeah!? Well good riddance, you looney.

MICTEST.WAV Woody: Hello… check… That better?… Great… can everybody hear me? Up on the shelf, can you hear me?… great… Okay…

MOCKING.WAV Buzz: You’re mocking me, aren’t you?

MRPOTHD.WAV Potato Head: Mister potato head to you, you back-stabbing murderer.

MYSPOT.WAV Woody: Hi. My name is Woody and this… this is my spot.

NOCNFRNT.WAV Rex: eh.. neh.. wh.. I don’t like confrontations.

NOINTEL.WAV Buzz: And there seems to be no signs of intelligent life anywhere.

NOODLE.WAV Hamm: That’s using the old noodle.

NOREPLCE.WAV Woody: Hey, what did I tell you earlier? No one is getting replaced.

NOSIR.WAV Sarge: Sir, no sir.

NOTBLOW.WAV Woody: Ahhhhh!!! This is the part where we blow up!  Buzz: Not today!

NOTDINO.WAV Rex: Oh, I’m so glad you’re not a dinosaur.

NOTFLYNG.WAV Woody: That wasn’t flying. That was… falling with style.

NOTHAPEN.WAV Woody: This cannot be happening to me.

NOTHINK.WAV Buzz: Don’t even think about it, cowboy.

NOTLASER.WAV Woody: It’s not a laser… it’s a little lightbulb that blinks.

NOTWORYD.WAV Woody: I’m not worried, you shouldn’t be worried.

ONMYNRVS.WAV Woody: And another thing… stop with this spaceman thing… it’s getting on my nerves.

PIECOFME.WAV Woody: Okay! Come on!! You want a piece of me?

PLAYSCHL.WAV Potato Head: Oh, really? I’m from Playskool. Rex: And I’m from Mattell.

POTHEAD.WAV Slinky: Hey, hey. Come on, potato head.

QUALSND.WAV Hamm: This… is a quality sound system.

RECON.WAV Woody: Sergeant, establish a recon post downstairs – code red. You know what to do. Sarge: Yes, sir!

REPAIR.WAV Buzz: Well!… I must get back to repairing my ship.

SADSTRNG.WAV Buzz: You are a sad, strange little man.

SCARED.WAV Rex: Were you scared? Tell me honestly.

SERIUSTS.WAV Woody: This is serious!

SHUTUP.WAV Woody: Oh, shutup.


SPCRNGR.WAV Buzz: Excuse me, I think the word you’re searching for is space ranger.

STAFFMTG.WAV Woody: Gather everyone up for a staff meeting and be happy. Slinky: Got it.

STRANGER.WAV Alien1: Stranger. Alien2: From the outside. Aliens: OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH Buzz: Greetings. I am Buzz Lightyear. I come in peace.

SWINE.WAV Potato Head: You uncultured swine.

TEACHME.WAV Potato Head: Man, the dolls must really go for you. Can you teach me that?

TEAPARTY.WAV Buzz: One minute you’re defending the whole galaxy, then suddenly, you find yourself sucking down Darjeeling with Marie Antoinette and her little sister.

THTSENUF.WAV Woody: Alright, that’s enough.

toy-32.wav Woody: Look, we’re all very impressed with Andy’s new toy. Buzz: Toy? Woody: T-O-Y toy. Buzz: Excuse me, I think the word you’re searching for is space ranger. Woody: The word I’m searching for, I can’t say because there’s preschool toys present.

TRBLWHER.WAV We’ve got trouble! Buzz: Trouble? Where?

Ts_theyhere.wav Hamm: Pardon me, I hate to break up the staff meeting but…. THEY’RE HERE!!!!

TSACIDNT.WAV Woody: Now, it was an accident, guys, come on.

TSPANIC.WAV Buzz: This is no time to panic. Woody: This is the perfect time to panic.

TSTHTSIT.WAV Woody: Alright, that’s it!

TSWLCOME.WAV Woody: Now let’s all be polite and give whatever it is up there a nice, big, Andy’s room welcome.

TUFFGUY.WAV Woody: Oh, yeah? Tuff guy?

UNDERBED.WAV Slinky: Woody? What are you doing under the bed? Woody: Uhhh, nuthin.


URFLYING.WAV Woody: Hey, Buzz, you’re flying! Buzz: This isn’t flying. This is falling… with style.

WHATSRDO.WAV Rex: What does a space ranger actually do?

WHOGOTHT.WAV Woody: Hey, who’s got my hat?

WHTRUTLK.WAV Woody: WHAT!? What are you talking about?

WHTSITDO.WAV Rex: Say, what’s that button do?

WINGSPAN.WAV Hamm: Whoah! Impressive wingspan – very good.

WKS2RPR.WAV Buzz: Blast! This will take weeks to repair.

WOOD2INF.WAV Woody: To infinity and beyond!!

WOODHELO.WAV Woody: Hellooo

WOODLOST.WAV Woody: I’m lost!

WoodyLaugh.wav Woody laughs at Buzz.

YESSIR.WAV Sarge: Yes sir!

YRSWASTD.WAV Buzz: Years of academy training wasted.