Dr. James Harvey: Bill Pullman, Kathleey ‘Kat’ Harvey: Christina Ricci, Casper (McFadden): Malachi Pearson, Dr. Raymond Stanz: Dan Aykroyd,Carrigan Crittenden: Cathy Moriarty

amusing.wav “It ain’t often we meet a bonebag as amusin’ as you.”

callsomeoneelse.wav Dr Stanz: “Who you gonna call?” [evil laughs] “Someone else.”

closetcase.wav Hey boys, we got a closet case here.

fleshies.wav I love the smell of fleshies in the morning.

friend.wav Casper: All I want’s a friend.

getitcooking.wav Carrigan: Get this thing cooking, you flaccid little worm you.

howdareyou.wav How daare you serve these air-sucking intruders before us.

imcasper.wav Casper: Hi! I’m Casper.

patientarrived.wav Well well, the patient has finally arrived.

popnfresh.wav Carrigan: Hey! Pop-n-fresh! It’s my turn in the oven.

skinbag.wav Shutup, skinbag!

smellogram.wav Smell-o-gram!

suddendeath.wav And it looks as if we’re going to go into sudden death overtime.

whatrudoing.wav What the hell do you think you’re doing, bulbhead?