Aladdin, a street urchin, accidentally meets Princess Jasmine, who is in the city undercover. They love each other, but she can only marry a prince.

Aladdin: Scott Weinger, Genie: Robin Williams, Princess Jasmine: Linda Larkin, Jafar: Jonathan Freeman, Lago the Parrot: Gilbert Gottfried

alriiiiiggghhhht_al.wav – The genie celebrates

betaught_al.wavGenie: “That’s right, he can be taught!”

cant-take_al.wavLago: I can’t take it anymore!

dontbelieve_al.wavLago: I can’t believe it. I just don’t believe it.

immaster.wavAladdin: I’m… you’re master? Genie: “That’s right, he can be taught!”

madeyalook_al.wav – Made you look.

patience_al.wavJafar: Patience [some undistinguishable name], patience.

playwithtoys_al.wavJafar: Now, run along and play with your little toys.

slumber_al.wavDEEP EVIL VOICE: Who disturbs my slumber? var sc_project=408751; var sc_partition=2; StatCounter - Free Web Tracker and Counter