Lt. Cmdr. Ron Hunter: Denzel Washington, Capt. Frank Ramsey: Gene Hackman, Lt. Roy Zimmer: Matt Craven, Chief of the Boat: George Dzundza, Lt. Peter ‘Weps’ Ince: Viggo Mortensen, Lt. Bobby Dougherty: James Gandolfini, Petty Officer First Class Danny Rivetti: Danny Nucci, Lt. Paul Hellerman: Rick Schroder

1sq.wav Ramsey: “This is the captain. Set condition 1-S-Q for strategic missile launch. [Spin] up missiles 1 through 5 and 20 through 24.  The release of nuclear weapons has been authorized… This is not a drill.”

2sides.wav Zimmer: This is a mutiny, Peter. There’s only two sides to a mutiny. Now, your captain is asking for your help. What are you going to do? What are you going to do?

2sq.wav Ramsey: Crew of the Alabama, this is the Captain. Set condition 2-S-Q… Terminate launch, all missiles. [CHEERING]

acula.wav Rivetti: Con, sonar, sir, we have a classification… mark that tape. Get the classification on your monitor. Ramsey: Rivetti, what the hell is going on?Rivetti: Sir, the mass 2-2-8 is classified as a Russian Acula-class Hunter-killer, bearing 1-9-6, sir. He’s close but I don’t think he’s spotted us.

backup.wav Hunter: All I’m saying Captain, is that we have backup. Now it’s our duty, not to launch until we can confirm. Ramsey: You’re presuming we have other submarines out there, ready to launch. Well as Captain, I must assume our submarines could’ve been taken out by other Akulas. We can play these games all night Mr Hunter but uh, I don’t have the luxury of your presumptions. Hunter: Sir… Ramsey: Mr Hunter, we have rules that are not open to interpretation, personal intuition, gut feelings, hairs on the back of your neck, little devils or angels sitting on your shoulder. We’re all very well aware of what our orders are and what those orders mean. They come down from our Commander in Chief. They contain no ambiguity. Hunter: Captain… Ramsey: Mr Hunter. I’ve made a decision. I’m Captain of this boat. NOW SHUT THE F*CK UP!

condom.wav Zimmer: Rochenko is fueling his birds – now why do you think he’s doing that? WHY!? You don’t put on a condom unless you’re gonna f**k!

count23.wav Ramsey: I’m going to count to three, then I’m going to blow your f*cking head off. One… Two… … … SH*T! It does me no good to kill you. You’re the only one that knows the combination. However… Petty Officer Hilaire doesn’t know the combination.  Millions of lives at stake here, Peter, don’t make a dumb decision… One!… Two!… Weps: SIR!!

cubanmis.wav Hunter: The captain has asked me to brief you on the Emergency Action Message we just received.  As you know, before we got underway, the Russian army was in position, encircling the rebel camps, and  Radchenko started making extravagant threats, should anyone move in on him, that he would launch his land-based nuclear weapons at the United States and at Japan.  The only safeguard is that the Russian government controlled the launch codes.  Intel now indicates that those launch codes have been compromised. The U.S. military forces have been authorized to set DefCon 3. The last time we hit this state of emergency was 32 1/2 years ago during the Cuban missile crisis.

godhelpu.wav Ramsey: God help you if you’re wrong.  Hunter: If I’m wrong, then we’re at war… God help us all.

hunkydor.wav Ramsey: So, Mr. Hunter, do you think I’m wrong for running that drill? Hunter: Not necessarily, sir. Ramsey: Do you think I got that man killed?Hunter: No, sir. One thing had nothing to do with the other. It was an accident. Ramsey: Would you have run the drill? Hunter: No, sir, I wouldn’t have. Ramsey: Why not? Hunter: The fire in the galley could have flared back up, I would have seen to that first, sir. Ramsey: I’m sure you would have. Me, on the other hand, I tend to think that’s the best time to run a drill.  Confusion on a ship is nothing to fear. It should be taken advantage of.  Lest you forget, Mr. Hunter, we are a ship of war, designed for battle. We don’t just fight battles when everything is honkey-dorey.

preserve.wav Ramsey: Those sailors out there are just boys. Boys who were trained to do a terrible and unthinkable thing. If that ever occurs, the only reassurance they’ll have that they’re doing the propper thing is going to derive from their unqualified belief in the unified chain of command. That means we don’t question each other’s motives in front of the crew. That means we don’t undermine each other. It means, in a missile drill, they hear your voice right after mine without hesitation. … Do you agree with that policy sailr? Hunter: Absolutely, sir. Ramsey: We’re here to preserve democracy, not practice it.

silvrsur.wav Hunter: Why were you two fighting? Vossler: Well I said that the Kirby silver surfer was the only real silver surfer and that theMobius silver surfer was sh*t. And Bennefield’s bigMobius fan. Thing’s got outta hand. I pushed him, he pushed me… I lost my head, sir, I’m sorry. Hunter: Alright. You’re a supervisor. You can get a commission like that. Vossler: I know. It’s A-100% right. It’s… never happen again. Hunter: It better not happen again. I see this kind of nonsense I’m gonna write you up, you understand? … Do you understand? Vossler: Yes, sir. Hunter: You have to set an example, even in theface of stupidity. Now everybody that reads comic boos knows that Kirby’s silver surferis the only true silver surfer. Now am I write or wrong? Vossler: You’re right, sir. Hunter: Alright, now get outta here.

thebouy.wav Ramsey: When the missile system is ready, Mr. Hunter, it is my intention to rise to launch depth, launch our birds, then get the hell out of there and not until then. I can’t jeopardize the safety of this ship. Hunter: Yes, sir. May I suggest that we float the buoy, sir? We have enough cable. Thatshouldgive us enough reach to receive the EAM transmission. Ramsey: Very well. Float the buoy.

warpsped.wav Hunter: Mr. Vossler, this is Captain Kirk. I need warp speed on that radio. Vossler: Yes, sir.