A single mother/waitress, a misanthropic author, and a gay artist form an unlikely friendship.

Melvin Udall: Jack Nicholson, Carol Connelly: Helen Hunt

makeyour.wav Melvin: “Make yourself at home.”

notaprik.wav Melvin: “I’m not a… prick.  You are (I’m not judging)”

notdoing.wav Melvin: “Well I’m not doin’ it!”

notgonna.wav Carol: Whatever this is is not gonna work.

oneeye.wav Melvin: I can’t do this without you. I’m afraid he might pull the stiff one-eye on me.

overstat.wav Melvin: No no no… that’s overstating.

painass.wav Melvin: You know, he’s a pain in the ass.

prtyfren.wav Melvin: What happened to your queer party friends?

realprob.wav Melvin: What are you talking about? You got real problems.

ruinday.wav Melvin: You’ve ruined my whole day. I haven’t eaten.

soakitup.wav Melvin: Soak it up. It’s your last chance for a hug for a few days.

therules.wav Melvin: I mean, you know, if his parents are alive, they have to help. It’s the rules!