A successful psychiatrist loses his mind after one of his most dependent patients, a highly manipulative obsessive-compulsive, tracks him down during his family vacation.

Dr. Leo Marvin: Richard Dreyfus, Bob Wiley: Bill Murray, Fay Marvin: Julie Hagerty, Sigmund ‘Siggy’ Marvin: Charlie Korsmo, Anna Marvin: Kathryn Erbe

BEHAVIOR.WAV Leo: Your behavior is completely inappropriate

BLDRXPLD.WAV Anna: I have problems the same as anyone else. The same as you. Bob: You’re afraid your bladder will explode?

BRGEALRT.WAV Bob: I’m sorry about barging in here like this. Leo: That’s alright. I understand.

CANTGIVE.WAV Leo: Now, I can’t, Bob, at this time, give you the kind of therapeutic attention you need to solve all your problems, and you know why.

CKDOODL.WAV Leo: Cock-a-doodle-doo!!!!!

CMERLOOK.WAV Fay: Come here, look.

DIFFRENT.WAV Bob: Notice anything different about me?

FAILURE.WAV Leo: I’m a failure.

FEWMINS.WAV Why don’t you sit down. It’ll be a few minutes.

GDMRNAM.WAV Bob: Good Morning America’s here.

GET_OUT.WAV Leo: Get out! GET OUT! You’ve ruined my life! You’ve ruined my career. You turned a perfectly peaceful house into an insane asylum. GET OUT!!!

GOINGONH.WAV Leo: What is going on around here.

GR8IDEA.WAV Siggy: That’s a great idea.

IGETWERD.WAV Bob: When I wanna go out, I get………. weird.

IHAVPRBS.WAV Bob: The simplest way to put it: I have problems.

IMHOMEWB.WAV Leo: I’m home!

IMSAILNG.WAV Bob: I’m sailing. I’m sailing! I’m sailing!

IMSORRY.WAV Bob: I’m sorry.

ISTART.WAV Bob: Why don’t I start.

ITWORKS.WAV Bob: It works. It works.

KNKMEOUT.WAV Bob: Hello, I’m Bob. Would you knock me out, please?

LETSWALK.WAV Leo: Let’s take a walk.

LIPSNUMB.WAV Bob: It just makes my lips numb to think about it.

LITLTALK.WAV Leo: How would you feel about you and me having a little talk?

MATRCRZY.WAV Leo: What’s the matter with all of you? Don’t you understand this man is crazy?

NICESWTE.WAV Fay: That’s nice, sweetie.

NLDIMND.WAV Leo: So, what you’re saying is that, even though you are an almost paralyzed multi-phobic personality that is in a constant state of panic, your wife did not leave you, you left her because she liked Neil Diamond?


NOTCHSIS.WAV Leo: Don’t touch my sister!

NOTIMPOS.WAV Bob: Are you sure I’m not imposing?

NOTPSYCO.WAV He’s not psychotic, is he?

NOTSMART.WAV Bob: Oh, no no no, that was not smart. That was not smart.

NOVALIUM.WAV Leo: NO! I don’t need any valium.

NVRAGAIN.WAV Bob: we just got carried away. It will never happen again.

ONVAC.WAV Take a vacation. Leo: I’m ON vacation!!!

PEEP.WAV Leo: I don’t want to hear another peep out of this room.

PHONE_wb.WAV [phone ringing] Leo: better not be who I think it is.

RIFLE.WAV Bob: What are you doing with the rifle?

RUALRITE.WAV Fay: Are you alright?

SORYBRGE.WAV Bob: I’m sorry about barging in here like this

SOSIMPLE.WAV Bob: Oh, it’s so… simple.


TAKEFISH.WAV Fay: Could I take your fish?

THTDEAD.WAV Leo: I I I thought you were dead.

TKFMHER2.WAV Leo: I’ll take it from here.

TKFMHERE.WAV Leo: I’ll take it from here!

TOUCHING.WAV Bob: I have trouble… touching things, in public places. It’s almost impossible.

Whydoing.wav Leo: Why, exactly, are you doing this?

WOAWAIT3.WAV Leo: Whoa! Wait a minute. wait a minute. wait a minute.