¬†After a night they can’t remember, comes a day they’ll never forget. Two potheads wake up from a night of partying and can’t remember where they parked their car.

Jesse Montgomery III: Ashton Kutcher, Chester Greenburg: Seann William Scott, Wanda: Jennifer Garner, Wilma: Marla Sokoloff, Zoltan: Hal Sparks,Tommy: Charlie O’Connell, Jeff: Turtle, Chinese Foooood Lady (voice): Freda Foh Shen, Mark: Andy Dick, Pierre: Brent Spiner

andthen_dwmc.wav CFL: And then?

andthen2_dwmc.wav CFL: And then?

andthen3_dwmc.wav CFL: And then?

andthen4_dwmc.wav CFL: And theeeen?

andthenandthen_dwmc.wav CFL: And then?And then?And then?And then?And then?And then?And then?And then?And then?And then?And then?

andthen-chester_dwmc.wav Chester: And then?

andthenfight_dwmc.wav CFL: And then? Jesse: No and then. CFL: And then? Jesse: No and then. CFL: And then? Jesse: No and then. CFL: And then? Jesse: No and then. CFL: And then? Jesse: No! No and then.

BBB_dwmc.wav Wanda & Wilma: Big breasted bimbos.

bigasspanties_dwmc.wav Man: Damn! Now those are some big ass panties.

brkdancestrippers_dwmc.wav Chester: What are you, crazy? I’m surrounded by break dancing strippers!

cfmindgames_dwmc.wav Jesse: I refuse to play your Chinese food mind games.

fridgepudding_dwmc.wav Chester: I always wondered what a fridge full of pudding would look like.

genderchal_dwmc.wav Stripper: I’m a gender challenged male.

givecall_dwmc.wav Jesse: I’ll tell you what. We’ll keep our eyes out for the continual trans-dingaling thing and if we see it, we’ll give you a call.

letitgo_dwmc.wav Chester: let it go.

letitgo2_dwmc.wav Chester: Let it go, man. Jesse: No no. We can get it. Chester: No, let it go.

more2worry_dwmc.wav Believe me, you guys got more important things to worry about right now.

noandthen_dwmc.wav Jesse: No and then.

noandthen2_dwmc.wav Jesse: No and then!

nothingright_dwmc.wav Wanda: You guys can’t do anything right. ¬†Wilma: Why do you have to mess everything up?

sodead_dwmc.wav Jesse: We are so dead.

tattoos_dwmc.wav The whole “Dude!” “Sweet!” tattoo bit.

thatwasme_dwmc.wav Cop: Yeah… uhhh… that… I’m… That was me. I’m sorry about that one, fellas.

vrysharp_dwmc.wav Tailor: Very sharp! You two number one, extra special, very good-looking guys.

wrongstripper_dwmc.wav Stripper: you guys picked the wrong trans-sexual stripper to mess with.