A 1960’s hipster secret agent is brought out of cryofreeze to oppose his greatest enemy into the 1990’s where his social attitudes are glaringly out of place.

Austin Powers/Dr. Evil: Mike Meyers, Vanessa Kensington: Elizabeth Hurley, Basil Exposition: Michael york, Mrs. Kensington: Mimi Rogers, Number Two: Robert Wagner, Scott Evil: Seth Green, Commander Gilmour: Charles Napier

askques_ap.wavAustin: “Let me ask you a question.”

ausmslf.wavAustin: Allow myself to introduce… myself.

axe-evil.wavEvil: It’s E-vil, just like it’s the fru-its of the dev-il.

behave.wavAustin: Oh, behave.

behave02.wavAustin: Oh, behave [chuckle] Yeah, baby YEAH.

bone.wavEvil: Throw me a frickin’ bone, here.

celebvault.wavBasil: This is our celebrity vault.

die.wavEvil: That makes me angry.  And when Dr. Evil gets angry, Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset. [cat sound] And when Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset… people DIE!!

dontgetit_ap.wavEvil: You just… don’t get it, do ya’?

forgetit_ap.wavNapier: Listen son, I want you to forget what you saw here today.

groovybaby.wavAustin: Oh, groovy baby.

hadenuf_ap.wav – I’ve had enough of you pushing me around.

illshowyou.wavAlotta Fagina: Come in… and I’ll show you everything you need to know.

impresiv_ap.wavEvil: Quite impressive.

leaveimmed_ap.wavVanessa: Come along, we have to leave immediately.

luckycharms.wav – They’re always after me Lucky Charms.

makeuhorny.wavAustin: Do I make you horny? Randy? Do I make you horny, baby, yeah, do I?

nerdalert.wavAustin?: Oh, blimey… Nerd alert!

noprob_ap.wavEvil: Okay, no problem.

nvrhavsex.wavVanessa: I will never have sex with you, ever! If you were the last man on earth and I was the last woman on earth and the future of the human race depended on us having sex simply for procreation I still wouldn’t have sex with you.

recon_ap.wavVanessa: I thought, perhaps, we could disguise ourselves as tourists and do some on-site reconaisance.

s-o-p.wavEvil: Oh, hell, lets just do what we always do.  Hijack some nuclear weapons and hold the world hostage.

stage2.wav – Stage two. Warm, liquid goo phase beginning.

throwbone.wavEvil: Throw me a frickin’ bone, here.

uglystik.wavAustin: If that is a woman, it does look like she was beaten with an ugly stick.

veryshagadelic.wavAustin: Very shagadelic.

viva_lv_ap.wavAustin: Viva Las Vegas, baby, yeah!

washyou.wavAlotta Fagina: May I wash you?

whatwant_ap.wav – What do you want?

whereami_ap.wavAustin: Where am I?

whois_ap.wav1:Who is this Austin Powers? Basil: The ultimate gentleman spy. Irresistable to women, deadly to his enemies. A legend in his own time.

wontbite.wavAustin: I won’t bite… hard.

yeahbaby.wavAustin: Yeah, baby, yeah!