Romance and suspense in Paris, as a woman is pursued by several men who want a fortune her murdered husband had stolen. Who can she trust?

Peter Joshua: Cary Grant, Regina “Reggie” Lampert – Audrey Hepburn, Hamilton Bartholomew: Walter Matthau, Tex Panthollow: James Coburn, Insp. Edouard Grandpierre: Jaques Marin

absurd_char.wav Inspector: That’s absurd madame.

breakdown_char.wav Peter: What are you doing in here? Reggie: I’m having a nervous breakdown.

capturespirit_char.wav Peter: Well, that’s not exactly the term I’d have chosen, but it sort-of captures the spirit of the thing.

child_char.wav Reggie: Stop treating me like a child! Peter: Then stop behaving like one.

comeon_char.wav Peter: Well, when you come on, you come on, don’t you.

confused_char.wav Reggie: I’m very confused.

credit_char.wav Reggie: If you think you’re getting credit for this, you’re crazy.

die4country_char.wav Reggie: I suppose if I’m going to die I might as well do it for my country.

dontbite_char.wav Reggie: I don’t bite, you know. Unless it’s called ofr.

frighten_char.wav Reggie: If you’re trying to frighten me, you’re doing a first-rate job!

goodlight_char.wav Reggie: Hey, you don’t look so bad in this light? Peter: Well, why do you think I brought you here?

got2do_char.wav Reggie: We’ve got to do something.

govtcount_char.wav Bartholomew: Your government is counting on you.

handsoff_char.wav Peter: Hasn’t it occurred to you I’m having a tough¬† time keeping my hands off you?

knoweachother_char.wav Peter: do we know each other?

knoweachother-full_char.wav Peter: do we know each other? Reggie: Why, do you think we’re going to?¬† Peter: I don’t know. How would I know? Reggie: Because I already know an awful lot of people. Until one of them dies, I couldn’t possibly meet anyone else. Peter: Hmm. Well, if anyone goes on the critical list, let me know.

loaded_char.wav Reggie: Don’t tell me. You didn’t know it was loaded.

lotofhelp_char.wav Reggie: You’re a fat lot of help.

meanthing_char.wav Tex: Oh, now who would have done a mean thing like that?

noleave_char.wav Inspector: None of you will be permitted to leave Paris until this matter is cleared up.

nostupidkids_char.wav Tex: Come on, man. Look, my mama didn’t raise no stupid children.

now-what_char.wav Reggie: Now what?

obstinate_char.wav Reggie: Lord, you’re obstinate.

punchnose_char.wav Reggie: How’d you like a punch in the nose?

putaway_char.wav Will you put that thing away!

ritual_char.wav Reggie: How often do you go through this little ritual? Peter: Oh, every day. The manufacturer recommends it.

satisfy_char.wav Peter: What do I have to do to satisfy you?

shower_char.wav Hepurn: This is a ludicrous situation. I can think of a dozen men who are just longing to use my shower.

shutup_char.wav Peter: Why don’t you shut up?

spanking_char.wav Peter: How would you like a spanking?

sprained_char.wav Peter: I sprained my pride.

stopnonsense_char.wav Peter: Now, stop that nonsense.

tattooed_char.wav Peter: Would you like to see where I was tatooed? Reggie: Yes. Peter: Alright, we’ll drive around that way.

telephoned_char.wav Peter: Oh, I telephoned but nobody answered.

truth_char.wav Inspector: Obviously you’re telling the truth. For, why would you invent such a ridiculous story?

vpcheer_char.wav Peter: How about making me Vice President in charge of cheering you up?

whatabout_char.wav Peter: What was that all that about?

whatdo_char.wav Peter: What are you going to do?

whatdoing_char.wav Reggie: What are you doing?

whoput_char.wav Peter: Oh. Who put that there?

willkill_char.wav Bartholomew: I don’t want to kill you, but I will.

worthitview_char.wav Peter: The view had better be worth it.

wrapup_char.wav Peter: Well, that wraps it up.

youranut_char.wav Peter: Oh, you’re a nut.

yourapest_char.wav Peter: Lord, you’re a pest.