Chief Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: Tommy Lee Jones, Mark J. Sheridan: Wesley Snipes, Special Agent John Royce: Robert Downey Jr., Cosmo Renfro: Joe Pantoliano, Bobby Biggs: Daniel Roebuck, Noah Newman: Tom Wood, Savannah Cooper: LaTanya Richardson

bed.wav Gerard: Welcome home, Mark. You wanna start running again? Sheridan: I’m going back… to bed.

betpray.wav Gerard: Well, he’s not going in there to pray. Biggs?: No, sir.

caught.wav Gerard: SHERIDAN!! TURN AROUND! GET DOWN FROM THERE AND FACE ME! Sheridan: Gonna have to shoot me. Gerard: TURN AROUND! Sheridan: Can’t. Can’t be caught.

chicsuit.wav Gerard: Cosmo, help me out of this chicken suit, will you?

fell.wav Sheriff: They found the two that fell from the plane, what’s left of them.  That Chinese fellow, Ling, dropped through some poor old boy’s roof and into the bathtub. Looks like a big bowl of gumbo with a bunch of ribs… Gerard: I get the picture, Sheriff.

glock40.wav Royce: That must be the gun that shot Newman. Gerard: I noticed on the boat you finally went with the Glock. Royce: Yeah. Glock 40, just like yours. Gerard: Can I see it? Royce: Kinda sorta want to emulate you. You being my mentor and all.

goalone.wav Cosmo: Let me call LAPD for backup. Gerard: I don’t need ’em. Cosmo: Then I’m going with you. Gerard: I’m going alone. Cosmo: What the hell’s the matter with you? Look, Sam, you can’t do this. I know how you feel. I feel the same way. I loved that kid, too, but this is wrong. I’m telling you this as a friend. Gerard: I’m not your friend. Cosmo: Fine. Forget it.

gohome.wav Gerard: Drop the gun, pal. It’s been a long day for everybody. Let’s end it on a positive note. Sheridan: For me or for you? Gerard: Everybody walks away breathing, everybody wins. Sheridan: How long you think they’re going to let me live if I let you take me in? You forget about the plane? Gerard: Look around you – you’re caught. Let’s go home. Sheridan: Nah. You go home [gunshot]

statistc.wav Gerard: Renfro, get on the radio and move that perimeter 20 miles to the south of the river. He might have made it into Kentucky already. Royce: Actually, statistically, there’s a greater chance he’ll head toward the nearest major city which is St. Louis: North. Gerard: Well, this cat ain’t no statistic… not yet.

tricks.wav Gerard: You going somewhere?

weapon.wav Gerard:You ever make a fugitive arrest before? Royce: No. Planning to shortly. Gerard: You have a weapon? Royce: Yeah, a big one, how ’bout you? Gerard: [chuckles] You sure you want to get cute with me? … You have a backup weapon? Royce: Never had the need. Gerard: Get one. Keep that in your suit unless I tell you to take it out. Get yourself a Glock. Lose that nikel-plated sissy pistol.