After a shootout on a flight transporting prisoners, a stewardess must outwit a smooth-talking serial killer and land the plane herself.

Ryan Weaver: Ray Liota, Teri Halloran: Lauren Holly, Stubbs: Brandan Gleeson, Lt. Aldo Hines: Hector Elizondo, Rachel Taper: Rachel Ticotin, Cpt. Samuel Bowen: Ben Cross, Maggie: Catherine Hicks, FBI Agent Frank Sinclair: John Finn

adversarial.wav Weaver: Don’t get adversarial with me.

badstatus.wav Sinclair: Wait a minute! You’ve got a 747 beat to hell by level 6 turbulence, your flight crew is dead, you’ve got an armed, convicted serial killer loose on board, 8 passengers have disappeared, and your stewardess is locked in the G** damn cockpit. Have I left anything out? Voice2: Don’t forget about the truck.

burnass.wav Weaver: This must really burn your ass

chaperone.wav Weaver?: What are you, my chaperone?

dontwannatalk.wav Hines: You don’t want to talk to me, that’s fine.

dulynoted.wav Douglas: Duly noted.

easyorder.wav Teri: That is an easy order on this flight.

getnsilly.wav Weaver: This is getting silly.

honestygood.wav Weaver: You know, I think a little honesty would be good for our relationship right now, don’t you?

imagenius.wav Weaver: I’m a genius!

imcalm.wav Teri: I’m calm. Now what?

innocent.wav Sinclair?: You’re innocent.

notcrash.wav Voice1: No, you are not going to crash. Teri: How do you know?

noted.wav Douglas: You’re innocent. Weaver: Yes, I am. Douglas: Duly noted.

notflisten.wav Weaver: You’re not f**king listening to me

notouchctrl.wav Bowen: Whatever happens, don’t touch the controls.

notpretty.wav Weaver: Well, it wasn’t a pretty scene

notwantdo.wav Weaver: You don’t want to do that.

ohgod_turb.wav Teri: Oh, God.

ohyeah.wav Weaver: Oh. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Come on.

parkbrake.wav Bowen: Set the parking brake, please.

rallysomething.wav Weaver: This is really something, isn’t it? It doesn’t look too good.

situation.wav Arquette: I don’t think there’s ever been a situation quite like this.

splendidly.wav Bowen: We’re doing splendidly.

surplus.wav Weaver: We seem to have a surplus of idiots on board already.

thatsit_tur.wav Weaver: That’s it. I’m never flying this airline again.

turnaround.wav Teri: What’s going on? Shouldn’t I turn around?

yesiam.wav Weaver: Yes I am.

youcanstay.wav [zap] Weaver: OW! whoa whoa whoa. Okay, you can stay.

yourlate.wav Cpt. Powell: You’re late. I specifically requested you be here before the other passengers were on board.