Born in darkness. Sworn to justice. A mercenary is killed, but comes back from Hell as a reluctant soldier of the Devil.

Al Simmons / Spawn: Michael Jai White, Clown / Violator: John Leguizamo, Jason Wynn: Martin Sheen

badthing_spawn.wav Clown: You say that like it’s a bad thing.

beatflm_spawn.wav Clown: Uh oh. you got that”I wanna beat the fat little man” look in your eye.

dontgetcocky_spawn.wav Don’t get cocky. You have a lot more to learn.

finwtihyou_spawn.wav Clown: Oh! I’m gonna have fun with you. [laughs]

gecko_spawn.wav Alright you overgrown gecko. Come and get your throat cut.

getitoverwith_spawn.wav Simmons: Let’s get it over with.

hallmark_spawn.wav Clown: You done with this Hallmark moment? ‘Cause I can’t take any more of this sentimental crap. Come on.

midget_spawn.wav Clown: It’s times like these I appreciate being a midget.

muchbetter_spawn.wav Spawn: I feel much better now.

noduh_spawn.wav Clown: No Duuuh! What are you, a regular Einstein?

notusps_spawn.wav Wynn: You do not quit us, son. We are not the U.S. Postal Service.

paysucks_spawn.wav Clown: I don’t mind being short, fat and ugly but the pay sucks.

playland_spawn.wav Clown: At least you had fun compared to them. Wynn: FUN!? does this look like playland to you?

problemsoldier_spawn.wav Wynn: You will follow orders and do your job. Got a problem with that, soldier?

sentme2hell_spawn.wav Spawn: You sent me to hell, Jason. I’m here to return the favor.

violated_spawn.wav Clown: you’ve been violated, girly man.

yoda_spawn.wav Spawn: Alright, Yoda, just wait a second.