answeringmachineinthemood.wav Answering machine OGM based on “In The Mood”

brnydies.wav Barney gets machine-gunned

carol.wav  Santa’s elves revolt!

Deadcat.wav Starts off as the meow mix commercial.

dickens.wav 1 min 5 sec a commercial for Dicken’s Cider.

fword.wav 2.5 minutes A gramatical analysis of the F-word.  Quite interesting and fun.

omaley.wav A commercial for O’Maley’s real f[bleep]king hot chili. (all language has been censored, but that’s what makes it funny).

solosex.wav Spoof of a Soloflex commercial

st-genx.wav Star Trek Gen-X style.

trapped.wav 57 sec. Trapped on the Internet based on the “Gilligan’s Island” theme.