Free sounds in MP3 format for your Windows Mobile device or other cell phone that can use MP3 files as alert sounds. These are good for text message alerts as well as system events.

ClosingIris-StargateSG1.mp3 “Closing iris!” [Stargate iris closing sound effect)

Coin-Mario.mp3 Mario coin pickup

DeadPacMan.mp3 Pac Man death noise

HeyX3-WhatsHappening.mp3 “Hey HEY hey”

IncomingMsg-Mechwarrior2.mp3 “Incoming Message”

IncomingTrans-Starcraft.mp3 [sound] “Receiving incoming transmission”

JetsonsDoorbell.mp3 4 tones from the Jetson’s doorbell


MechsDown-Mechwarrior2.mp3 “This is HQ to any available unit. We have mechs down at nav gamma”

Pause-Mario.mp3 Mario pause sound

R2D2-StarWars.mp3 R2D2 short chirps

SciFiPings.mp3 Sounds a little like sonar

Stop-Mechwarrior2.mp3 Stop sound from Mechwarrior 2