¬†Winnie-the-Pooh is quite possibly the world’s most famous bear. Pooh was the teddy bear of Christopher Milne, and his father, A.A. Milne, made him the main character in two children’s books that he wrote, entitled “Winnie-the-Pooh” and “The House at Pooh Corner.” As a character, Pooh tends to be a bit on the slow side (his head is full of fluff, you know…a common occurrence among teddy bears) but his heart more than makes up for that. Pooh has a love of honey (or, hunny, as it is sometimes spelled) and often creates little tunes, or hums, about most anything at all.

¬†eeyore2.wav Eeyore: It’s not much of a tail… but I’m sort-of attached to it.

pballoon1.wav Pooh: I just said to myself, coming along, thinking, and wondering, if you had such a thing as a… [mumble] Such a thing, ehr, Christopher, as a balloon about you?

rumbly.wav Pooh: Oh, yes, I’m rumbly in my tummbly

thanx4noticinme.wav Eeyore: Thanks for noticin’ me

tigger.wav Tigger: T I double-guh er, that spells Tigger!

WINPOOH1.WAV Pooh: I don’t think so

WINPOOH3.WAV Pooh: Think think think

WINPOOH4.WAV Eeyore: I found it.

WINPOOH6.WAV Pooh: Now isn’t this a clever disguise?

WINPOOH7.WAV Tigger growl

WINPOOH8.WAV Pooh: dum dum dum (humming)

WPBOTHER.WAV Pooh: Oh, bother

WPEEYORE.WAV Narrator: Eeyore arrived and looked at OPwl’s demolished house. Eeyore: If you ask me, when a house looks like that, it’s time to find another one. Christopher Robin: That’s a very good idea, Eeyore. Eeyore: Might take a day or two but I’ll find a new one.

WPHONEY.WAV Pooh: Yumyum. Bears love honey. And I’m a pooh bear [giggle].

WPMANNER.WAV Rabbit: Oh, Tigger, where are your manners? Tigger: I don’t know, but I bet they’re havin’ more fun than I am.

WPTGRWHP.WAV Tigger: Woo hoo hoo hoo

WPTIGGRR.WAV Tigger: [growl] [giggle] I’m Tigger.

WPTIGHNY.WAV Tigger: Honey! Oh Boy! Honey! That’s what Tiggers like best! Narrator: But when Tigger took a big scoop from the honey jar, he found he didn’t like honey at all. Tigger: Yuch! Tiggers don’t like honey. Yeah. That icky, sticky stuff is only fit for hefalumps and woozles.

WPWHATUP.WAV Christopher: Hello, Pooh. Hello, Piglet. What’s up?