2choices.wav Mandark: “I leave you with 2 choices. Either you become my lackey, or shut down your lab and discontinue any further experiments here on in.  The choice is yours. Goodbye, Dexter!”

2opening.wav Opening theme, instrumental.

8oclock.wav [meowing noise, repeating] Didi: “Ahhhhhhh! It’s 8 o’clock!!”

allurflt.wav Dexter: “THIS IS ALL YOUR FAAAUUULLLT!!!”

allwrong_dex.wav  Dexter: No no no no, you have got it all wrong.

assistme.wav Dexter: Will you please assist me by SHUTTING UP!!! You are interrupting science.

astounding.wav Dexter: Astoundink.

atlastmy.wav Dexter: At last! My chocolate chip cookies are done.

avghang.wav Dexter: Hello, average boy, I am a average boy too. Wanna… uhhh… hang out?

badbfast.wav Dexter: What are you trying to do serving me this for breakfast?

bailout.wav Computer: Bail out.

begntest.wav Dexter: Computer sequence begin test.

blueprint.wav Dexter: Hey, that was not in the original blueprint.

braingon.wav Dexter: Sometimes I amaze even myself. There are times when I think my brain is just about… GONE!

braintrn.wav Didi: It appears that your brain transplant was successful. Congratulations, Dexter.

brothertoss_dex.wav Carny: Come on folks, toss your brother! Win cheaply made stuffed toys. You can’t lose. Who’s next?

canttake_dex.wav Dexter: i CAN’T TAKE ANY MOOOOORE!

clones.wav Dexter: Where are the clones? Send in the clones.

commandu.wav Dexter: I created you. I COMMAND YOU!

compinway.wav Dexter: Whoa. Who put this stupid computer in my way?

cookclea.wav Dexter: Cooking? Cleaning? These are not things a little boy knows how to do.

cooties.wav Dexter: I just don’t want to get none of your cooties on me.

dahorror.wav Dexter: The horror….

ddout1.wav Dexter: Didi, how many times have I told you to stay out of my freaking secret laboratory.

dextdino.wav Dexter: This should solve the Dexter dino equation.

dextwhat.wav Didi: Dexter, what are you doing?

dididumb.wav Dexter: But I will help you. You are my sister, after all. And I now pledge my life to assist you in your search for a mind. It will be a difficult task, but I will not rest until I fill the gaping hole in your head.

didistop.wav Dexter: Didi, stop your devilish destruction.

diditbeards.wav Dexter: Wow, thanks, we really did it. Hank: Well, with beards this rugged, was there any doubt in your mind?

dilema.wav Dexter: This is quite a dilemna.

dinnertm.wav Mom: Kids! Dinner time! Dexter: Oh boy. Dinner time.

dirassist_dex.wav Dexter: If you need directional assistance, I will be happy to help.

dlimp.wav Dexter: This better be important, woman. You are interrupting my very delicate calculations.

dltears.wav Dexter: I do not have time for your tears.

dogresp.wav Dexter: Well, I don’t know. A dog is a lot of responsibility.

dontlikethispart_dex.wav Dexter: Oh, I don’t like this part.

dontpush.wav Dexter: Please please… do not push the button. You have no idea what it [BOOM!] does.

dorkster.wav Well well well, if it isn’t dorkster with his stupid excuse.

drat.wav Dexter: Drat.

dreadful.wav How dreadful.

dropkeys.wav Dad: Whoops! Dropped my keys.

duh.wav Dexter: I have no friends and I am totally unpopular. Didi: Duh.

engagtst.wav Dexter: Computer engage test sequence.

enough-dex.wav Dexter: I’ve had just about enough of this.

ewgross.wav Didi: Ewwwww, gross!

excuse_dex.wav Dexter: Excuse me.

experdog.wav Dexter: I promise I won’t experiment on the dog anymore.

finalrun.wav Dexter: And now, my dear assistant, it is time for the final run-through.

finbak2wrk.wav Dexter: Finally. Now maybe I can get back to work.

firstday.wav Dexter: At last! The first day of school has come.

futrmsg.wav Didi: I have a message for you from the future.

getaway.wav Dexter: Get away from the animals.

girlieconstruct.wav Dexter: This is the dumbest girlie piece of construction I have ever seen.

gnome.wav Mandark: In your dreams, you freaky little gnome.

good2bbk.wav Computer: It’s good to be back, Dexter.

grandpa.wav Didi: Grandpa Dexter: I am not Grandpa. Didi: Grandpa Dexter: I am not Grandpa. Didi: Grandpa Dexter: I am not Grandpa. Didi: GrandpaDexter: I am not Grandpa. Mom: Grandpa? Dexter: Hi.

hairfire.wav Dexter: My hair is on fire! My hair is on fire! My hair is on fire! My hair is… [SPLOOSH]

haveuany.wav Dexter: Have you any idea of what you have done?

helpus.wav Anchor: And now, live from Washington, the President. President: People of the United States… of the America… of the… aw, heck, somebody just help us!

hihihi.wav Didi: Hi. Mimi: Hi. Lili: Hi. Dexter: Didi, Mimi, Lili! bothersome, irritating girls.

hihihiby.wav Didi: Hi. Mimi: Hi. Lili: Hi. Dexter: Bye bye bye!

hisciarea.wav Dexter: Hey, what are you doing in my lab. This is a highly scientific area.

hurtfing.wav Dexter: I hurt my wittle finger… would you kiss it and make it feel better?

iateyour.wav Didi: I ate your cookies. I ate your cookies.

igiveup.wav Dexter: I give up. What is it?

ilovemy.wav Dexter: Dexter goes on about how much he loves his lab… until…

imdoomed.wav Dexter: I’m doomed.

imlvwdex.wav Dexter uses his computer to try to win the affections of his babysitter.

inctrl_dex.wav Dexter: I am in control now.

infrmatn.wav Dexter: The information you hold could alter man’s destiny. I will do anything to possess it!

inkling.wav Dexter: Have you any inkling of what you are about to do?

insane_dex.wav Dexter: This is insane.

irony.wav Dexter: Allow me to explain the irony of the situation to you.

itsalive.wav [beeps] Dexter: It… is… ALIVE!!

itsboring_dex.wav Kid: How do you like it here? Dexter: It is boring… what do you do for fun?

itworked.wav Dexter: Eureka! It worked.

justasit.wav Dexter: Just as I thought.

justpres.wav Dexter: Quiet with your foolishness. Just press the button.

leavenow.wav  Dexter: Can you not see that I am very busy? You will leave now. My laboratory is absolutely no place for the likes of you.

letrip.wav Dad: Whatever it is, let ‘er rip… [SFX Dexter’s tummy rumbles, then he… well… you know.]

letsdothis_dex.wav Dexter & Mandark: Let’s do this!!

letsplay.wav Didi: Come on, Dexter, let’s go play.

letsrock.wav Dexter: Let us rock.

lotsathanks.wav Dexter tells the dog thank you. Again… and again… and again….

lunchtime_dex.wav Dexter: Oh! Lunch time!

lunchtme.wav Mom: Kids! Lunch time! Dexter: ohboy. Lunchtime.

madness.wav Dexter: This is madness.

mandark.wav Mandark: Please, sir, call me Mandark [sfx]

marbles.wav Didi: Dexter, I’ve lost my marbles! Have you seen them? There’s a blue one, and a red one, and a green one, and a pink one, and a purple one, and some of them have spiral cool stuff.

maternal.wav Dexter: MATERNAL COMBAT!!

mmmmmmno.wav Didi: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm no.

mmmmmmok.wav Didi: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm okay!

momalert.wav Computer: Mom alert.

momssick.wav Dexter: Mother? Mother? It is past breakfast time. [moaning] What is this strange condition? Eyes all red and puffy, tongue is coated, pulse has quickened… what could be wrong?

monkee.wav Dexter: It seems that you shall never become anything more than a mere monkey.

monkey2.wav Apparently it is the super chimp transformation song… I didn’t record it.

msgyet.wav Dexter: May I have my message now? Didi: mmmmmmmm what message? Dexter: My message from the future. Didi: Oh, you can’t have your message yet. We still have another ballet to perform.

mynameis.wav Dexter: Uh… my name is Dexter… uh and I uh… do we have any clones in the room this evening?

neverwrk.wav Dexter: No no no – it is ruined. Now it will never work.

nevrfail.wav Dexter: It never fails to amaze me how completely without intelligence you are.

noalternative.wav Dexter: you leave me no alternative.

nobody.wav Dexter: Nobody commands my computer.

nodidino.wav Dexter: No, Didi, no!

nomistakes.wav Computers don’t make mistakes.

nononono.wav Dexter: No no no no no, that would never work.

nooooooo.wav Dexter: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

not4you.wav Dexter: These cookies are no for you. These cookies are for my laboratory rats. These cookies contain the wonderful formula X-2-9 and are not meant for human species and especially aren’t for species of sister such as yourself. So, I reitterate, the chocolate chip cookies are only for my rats! Do you understand that? Didi: no.

notready_dex.wav Dexter: I am not ready yet.

ntlisten.wav Dexter: You’re not listening to me! No pay attention!

ohboy_dex.wav Dexter: Oh, boy.

okok.wav Dexter: Okay okay, thank you, dear.

omdufrmg.wav Female: What did you say? Dexter: omelette du fromage? Female: Oh, Dexter, French is the language of love.  Say it again, Dexter. Dexter: Omelette du fromage.

opwindow.wav Dexter: A window of opportunity has just opened.

overload.wav Dexter: Away, away I tell you. You are overloading the machine.

peoplercrazy_dex.wav Dexter: Boy, am I glad to see you. These people are crazy!

phooie.wav Dexter: Ah, phooey

pottytme.wav Didi: Ooh. Potty time.

pressbut.wav Dexter: Will you please press the button for me?

readmind.wav Mandark: Yes, Dexter, I can read your thoughts and I am smarter than you.

retina_dex.wav Dexter: First of all, I am surprised that you know what a retina is.

ridiculous_dex.wav Dexter: This is ridiculous.

rugged.wav Dexter: But what makes a man rugged?

runouttm.wav Dexter: I am afraid we have run out of time, dear sister.

satisfaction_dex.wav Dexter: Ah, sweet satisfaction.

saveworld.wav Dexter: Ah, boy. Time to save the world again.

silencewoman_dex.wav Dexter: Silence, woman.

slumber.wav Dexter: Okay okay, please, remain calm, I have a plan.  It is… Didi: (whisper) slumber party Dexter: A slumber party!

startled.wav Dexter: Oh… hello there, you startled me.

stayup.wav Dexter: Please, mom, can’t I stay up just this once?

stopit.wav Dexter: Stop it! I command you to stop!

stoptable_dex.wav Dad: Didi! Stop using your brother as a table.

stopthat.wav Dexter: Stop that!

swtfatherchem.wav Dexter: Oh, sweet father of chemistry, what have I done?

talk2tre.wav Dexter: Why don’t you go back outside and talk to trees or whatever it is you do.

thnxbill.wav Dexter: A little help there, dodo Didi: Didi Dexter: Dada Didi: Didi Dexter: Doodoo Didi: Didi Dexter: Ah, thanks, Billy.

unacceptable_dex.wav Dexter: This is unacceptable.

undrpant.wav Dexter’s running around in his underpants!

unprofessional_dex.wav Dexter: This is very unprofessional.

urarat.wav Dexter: Are you are a rat? Didi: No Dexter: Then you cannot have my cookies! Now get out of my laboratory!

urdaman.wav Dexter: You are the man.

uwontqes.wav Dexter: You won’t question my computations… will you?

victory.wav [music] Dexter: Alright, men. We must stop the intruders at any cost. Some of you might not make it back. That is a risk worth taking. You have received your orders. No make me proud. Victory shall be ours!

weep4u.wav Dexter: I weep for you, Didi.

welcome.wav Dexter: Welcome and be amazed at the world of Dexter’s laboratory

what.wav Didi: OOOOOOOH. What does this button do?

whatblis.wav Dexter: Ah, what heavenly bliss.

whatdou.wav Dexter: What exactly do you think that you are doing?

whatrudo.wav Dexter: What are you doing in my laboratory?

whatwasi.wav Dexter: What was I doing?

wildcard.wav Dad: It’s amazing how the gene pool always deals you a wild card.

wishstar_dex.wav Dexter: Ahhhh. The wonders of outer space. The planets. The moon. The sheer scale of it all. It is enough to make me want to wish upon a star.

workdone.wav Dexter: At last! My greatest work completed.

wowthank.wav Dad: Wow! Thank you!

ybreathe.wav Dexter: Why am I breathing so hard?

youfool.wav Dexter: you fool. Mothers do not get sick. They take care of the sickly.