anyques_cc.wav Red: “ANY QUESTIONS!?”

areoplane_cc.wav Cow: “Oh, I am so excited! We get to fly on an air-e-o-plane!”

backagain_weasel.wav Weasel: “Back again, I see.”

beinugly.wav Chicken: I know you hate bein’ ugly, but somebody has to make everybody else look good.

canthappen_weasel.wav Weasel: This can’t be happening.

ckninengine_cc.wav The “chicken in engine” light is on.

cleveland.wav Weasel: I hope this is enough to get you a bus ticket back to Cleve-land.

dowhatuwant.wav Weasel: Fine! Do what you want. I wash my hands of the whole matter.

end.wav Chicken: END!

end2.wav Boneless: End.

flamingweenie_imw.wav Baboon: Welcome to the maiden voyage of the S.S. Flaming Weenie!!

freakmilkaccident_cc.wav Red: This just in. Family of four disappears in FREAK MILK ACCIDENT!

gamover_cc.wav Chicken: Hey, kid! Game over.

gnite-red_imw.wav Red: Oh, well, that settles it, then – GOODNIGHT!

gonnasink_imw.wav Weasel: Great dancing grandma! We’re going to sink!

hesanidiot_weasel.wav Weasel: He can’t help it… he’s an idiot.

holymack.wav Weasel: Hoooly Mackerel!

ilikeyou.wav I never liked you before. But, now that you’re famous, I like you a lot.

irnot-taking.wav Baboon: I are not taking it no more!

itgoingon.wav Red: Oh, sweetheart, you have got it going on.

lovely.wav Chicken: Lovely.

naughtymonkey.wav Weasel: You’ve been a very naughty monkey.

noplace.wav Baboon [singing]: There’s no place like Nebraska, except for Oklahoma. [I love this one… maybe because I live in Oklahoma]

notagain_cc.wav Chicken: Ohhh… Not again!

notevryday.wav Chicken: Well, there’s something you don’t see everyday.

octopus.wav Cow: [scream] It’s a octopus! GET IT OFF ME GET IT OFF ME!

prtymaneq.wav Cow: Ooh. Look at all the pretty manequins.

sickppl.wav Red: There’s a lot of sick people in this town.

slabochez.wav Chicken: Just what clown, in his right mind, is gonna make a fashion model out of a two-ton slab-of-cheese like you?

taintnatural.wav Red: Nope, this just ‘taint natural.

thistall.wav Chicken: You must be this tall to ride… Aw DANG! I’m too short!

treesrevolting.wav Weasel: The trees are revolting.

usuck-imw.wav Weasel: You… suck.

wadlknot.wav Red: There, ther, little fella. Don’t get your waddle in a KNOT!

wakeme_weasel.wav Weasel: Would someone please do me a favor? Go to my house and wake me up.

wbweenielvrs_cc.wav Red: Welcome back, weenie lovers.

whatyouvedone_cc.wav Red: Do you realize what you have done? No, of course you don’t.