Sounds from the Beavis & Butthead cartoon by Mike Judge

Has anyone else noticed how Butthead’s voice changes?

1ADAM5.WAV Beavis: 1 Adam 5, 1 Adam 5, we have female Caucasian chick standing in the road acting like a dumbass, come back.

ANNIHIL8.WAV Beavis: “Yeah, c’mon, Butthead, we could annihilate him.”

assmunch.wav Butthead: Assmunch.

BALLWASH.WAV Butthead: Your balls are filthy. Go to the ball washer – now.

BAREASS.WAV Beavis: Butthead! Butthead! Come here, quick! Bare ass on TV!

BBANGRY.WAV Beavis: Do not make my bunghole angry.

bbdadork.wav Beavis: What a bunch of dumb-ass stupid dorks.

bbdtsuck.wav Butthead: “We need a chick… A chick who doesn’t suck… No… Wait a minute… that’s not what I meant.”

BBDUDE.WAV Butthead: We’re there, dude.

bbfugly.wav Butthead: “She’s what you call… fffugly.”

BBFUNK.WAV Beavis: Check this out… (changes voice) How come they call it taking a dump when you’re really leaving a dump? I mean, you’re not really taking it anywhere… funk that.

BBIMBACK.WAV Beavis: I’m back

BBNAKED.WAV Beavis: Oh! Oh my God! He’s stark raving naked!

bbsetfre.wav Butthead: If you love something and you set it free and it doesn’t come back… you’re a dumbass.

bbsettle.wav Butthead: Settle down, butmunch.

bbweiner.wav Butthead: I am drawn to them. As if by a power greater than my weiner.

bbwenpic.wav Beavis: What’s that, Butthead? Butthead: It’s like a sciencetific drawing of my weiner… only smaller.

BUTMUNCH.WAV Butthead: Buttmunch.

buttmunc.wav Butthead: Buttmunch.

CHANGE.WAV Beavis: Change sucks.

cool.wav [the boys laugh for a bit] Butthead: This is going to be cool.

cutitout.wav Beavis: Cut it out, butthole.

DAMNIT.WAV Butthead: Dammit, this is starting to piss me off.

dd_sob.wav Beavis: dammit dammit son of a bitch.

DIDUFART.WAV Butthead: Did you fart?

DUMB_ASS.WAV Butthead: You dumbass.

fartknck.wav Beavis: You fart-knocker.

FEELIT.WAV Female: Do you feel it? Beavis: I was feeling it when I came in, but I had to use that hand to fill out that form.

FUGLY.WAV Butthead: “She’s what you call… fffugly.”

GET-MILK.WAV Beavis: You have to spank a cow’s monkey to get milk?

HUNG.WAV Beavis: You know. I wasn’t feeling very good when the song started, but I feel pretty good now… I feeling pretty happy… shiny. Butthead: Shutup, Beavis. You’re a miserable piece of crap.

INMYDAY.WAV Beavis: I guess that’s why old dudes are like, all cranky and stuff, they’re like “Back in my day, you hardly ever get wood watching TV…”

JUAN-V.WAV Butthead: It is in these hills that Juan Valdez and his trusty goat gather coffee beans every morning. [laughing]

kickhim2.wav Beavis: Kick him! Kick him!

LIAR.WAV Beavis: Liar… Liar… Liar liar pants on… whoa.

NAKGIRL.WAV Butthead: Uh… we came to see naked girls.

oldfart.wav Butthead: You look like an old fart.

OUCHCOOL.WAV Punching, screaming, and requests to “do it again”

PANTSDWN.WAV Beavis: Come out with your pants down!

PEEKABOO.WAV Beavis: Peek-a-boo!

PENISAUR.WAV Beavis: Whoa, check it out, Butthead, it’s a penisaurus.

pornmovi.wav Beavis: I’m tryin’ to watch a porno and you fartknockers keep interrupting me.

SPNKMONK.WAV Butthead: Can you spank a sea monkey?

STIFFY1.WAV Beavis: [giggle] I have a stiffy. [giggle]

stink.wav Butthead: [sniff] Dude, you stink.

SUCKS.WAV Butthead: This sucks. Beavis: Yeah, this sucks.

TAKITOFF.WAV Butthead: Take it off… take it all off…

telepath.wav Butthead: He’s like, communicating telepathetically.

TOPLESS.WAV Butthead: Whoa, topless tribeswomen.

USEDNADS.WAV Beavis: Have you ever used your nads for anything?

WHATHOE.WAV Beavis: What is that? Butthead: It’s a hoe. Beavis: Yeah, but what is that thing she’s dragging behind her.

WIPEBUTT.WAV Butthead: Hey, Beavis, would you come here and wipe my butt?