Anthony Starke has stared in The Magnificent Seven as Ezra Standish and the very short-lived TV series Cold Feet.

likesmem7.wav – Mag7: But he likes me.

voteconfid.wav – Mag7: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

m7ezracolonel .wav Mag7: Never thought I’d wear the Union blue, but I always did fancy being a colonel.

m7frog,locust.wav Mag7: Well, then I fully expect that we will be inundated by frogs, locusts, and other unspeakable pestilence in a matter of moments.

m7greatwarrior.wav Mag7: You shall grow to be a great warrior. Big, strong and fearless.

m7hotbath.wav Mag7: Chris: Gochaves’ gang. Ezra: Don’t imagine there here to take a hot bath, either.

m7motherbad.wav Mag7: And I thought my mother was bad.

m7no.wav Mag7: No. I said no, is that clear?… the answer is no.

m7nothingtochance.wav Mag7: Well, sir, I abhor gambling, and as such, leave nothing to chance.

m7onyourhorses.wav Mag7: Ezra: Well, on your horses boys… That’s good. Nathan: Go easy on that stuff.

Obsessions-Courage.wav Mag7: Courage, Ezra… courage.

Serpents-Other-peoples-money.wav Mag7: In the future, I believe it would be best just not to… uh… burden me with other people’s money.

CF_non_loser.wav Cold Feet: …only non-loser who ever did

CF_Not_a_real_man.wav Cold Feet: The only non-LOSER who ever did.

CF_oh_my_god.wav Cold Feet: Oh my… God, is it that obvious?

CF_ticket_to_ride.wav Cold Feet: You… and me… and a ticket to ride, baby.

CF_was_too_was_not.wav Cold Feet: was too/was not “argument”

CF_well_great.wav Cold Feet: Well, that’s great. I’ll just pass that right along.

CF_what_have_I_done.wav Cold Feet: Oh, good God, what have I done?

CF_what_the_hell.wav Cold Feet: What the hell’s a chakra?

CF_whatever.wav Cold Feet: 1: No, you’re the one with the sexual problems. 2: No, you are. 1: You are, infinity. 2: Like that just ends it. 1: Whatever. 2: Whatever.

CF_whatever_squared.wav Cold Feet: 1: Whatever. 2: Whatever. 1: Whatever. 2: Whatever infinity. 1: … squared.